R​.​A. (Rappers Anonymous)

by Anonymous

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released June 29, 2007



all rights reserved


The Most Ever Company Tulsa, Oklahoma

We're ok.

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Track Name: Dogs
I love to pet some dogs because they're cool
And they're not hogs
I love to walk down the street
Upon both of my feet
Whenever I see a dog there
I say "hey!" and feel my underwear
I don't know why I do that particular action
But... traction.

I'm here to drop it about some dogs
Now I'll tell ya, they're made of logs
But I was just lying, don't worry about it
So dogs, man, I'm rappin' about dogs
You know that they're really not logs
Uh, they're great, so I'd appreciate if you'd just
Pet some dogs, man
Yeah, dogs
Track Name: Apes
Here's a way to sing about apes:
Just flow your hands around
And then... eat some grapes

You know I love apes, they're here to stay
I don't think I could live without one every day
I have an ape in my house as I speak

When it comes to apes I have to think about
The ways in which apes have been near me in my life
I have to think about apes and I have to think about dogs
But then whenever I really think about it
It's not so bad
Track Name: Gengar
Gengar, Gengar, he's the best
He's the Pokémon that I like best
He's not the worst, he's the best
He likes to be a ghost and he's the best
He rolls down hills and he's the best
He is the best ghost that I know
He's not a pest, he's Gengar yo
He's rollin' on the hills... ho-dee-ho

Well I'm here to tell ya that Gengar
Is truly my favorite of all the Pokémars
And he... if you know that he's so great
You can try & appreciate
Gengar, you know the's the best
But I think that he's better than YOU!
So if you take my drift
I'd rather be friends with the Gengar shift

I don't know how to respond to this within this song
Because I know that you are always gonna love that Gengar
More than... me
Track Name: Eyeballs
Eyeball, eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs, eyeballs
They're the best
They're rollin' around on my hairy chest
I see them while I'm blowing my nose
And then I nose that I'm the Nose Man
With the... lots of lamps

What can I say about eyeballs, man?
They're here to stay and they're really grand
But you know, you can see with them now
And you know, we can all join hands and FLOUW!
Hey, eyeballs, you know, they're really great
They're also really big and... mas...
I take back what I said about eyeballs
I was completely incorrect, so here to... Skyfall
Eyeballs, eyeballs, you know they're great
So I'm gonna rhyme with "masturbate"
Track Name: Jenga
When I'm playing Jenga, I'm very quiet
I whisper "Jenga" and then I'm... quiet
I love to play Jenga, it is cool
Now listen to me drool

(Oh, no...)
Now that was not really me drooling
I was just... fooling!

I like to play Jenga every day
It's part of my life, hip-hooray!
You know, if you don't play Jenga I think you're a loser
So I'll call a bruiser
To beat you up if you don't play Jenga
Because you're such a stupid... Henga
And you know that's Jenga's the best
So I'll give you... this test
Track Name: Insults / Apologies / The Count
You're a fool, your test is drool
You have no coolness in your flesh
You're no good, you're not very nice, I don't like you
And I wouldn't think twice about plowing you down with a car
If I saw you on the sidewalk
But I am lying, I'm just joking, I'm really sorry
Please forgive me

I've taken you apology into account
And I don't think you're sorry, so here's The Count:
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5
5, 6, 7, 8, 9!
Ho ho ho, there's so many pieces to the Jenga
And... Reeses."
Track Name: Diet Coke
Diet Coke, Diet Coke, I am not drinking Diet Coke
I don't like Diet Coke, I never did, it's no good
I cannot HID this fact from YOU because I know that it's... true
That the Diet Coke is bad
And I don't wanna drink it... ever
I don't wanna have any fun
I don't like... fun.

Coke is really great, but you know what's better?
Pepsi is!
You know, I personally think that Pepsi is far superior to Coke
You know, if you like Coke then I think that you're a joke
You know, a lot of Coke drinkers like to poke
I'm being too loud... 'cuz I'm... a joke
No wait, wait! No I'm not! I'm here to say
That Coke is the best every day
I'm gonna rhyme about Coke now
And if you don't you can... eat... some...
Track Name: A Freestyle Flow Appears
It's a freestyle flow that now... appears
And now you have to deal with it
And... don't worry about it.
Track Name: Skeletons
NARFSNARF flips a card, what is it? Could it be? Is it hard?
Is it something that's really fun, or is it something that's really dumb?
Could you enlighten me as to what it is without... spilling jizz?
His... his gestures indicate that it is a skeleton clacking its teeth
This skeleton is dancing around
And it's really really scary, I have found
I have not been a fan of skeletons
Because they have white bones and are scary
And then these skeletons are... living... with me
These skeletons are living with me in my closet
These skeletons have no friends
They live around my closet just to... be mean to me
These skeletons, these skeletons, these...
I'm sorry

Skeletons, skeletons everywhere
Skeletons eating all the... hair
Skeletons are in everyone
But you know that they're a lot of fun
You know they're one of my favorite things
And I think that we should all... sings
About skeletons every day
Because they're really great, hooray
Skeletons really like to eat
The flesh of other living things
So if you'd be so kind to feed them...
All of your flesh... right now!

I don't know. I don't know about that proposition
I would prefer to keep my flesh
Because my flesh is very fresh
My fresh flesh I got from a store
I am not a bore
I know that it isn't sure, but I love to... SNORE?
I like to blow my nose
Upon some things, like a hose
My flows... my nose flows, my, my nose flows
Flows out snot
My snot is not...
Not blue; it's green or something, it's kinda yellow

Did you know that skeletons don't
Have any noses to smell things with?
(No I didn't)
Hey, did you know that skeletons lack the ability to see
Because they don't have eyeballs?
Hey did you know that skeletons don't have any flesh
And that's why they try to eat it?
Wow! Hey, you are great! Skeletons are great
So let's all have a party

Track Name: Ponies
I don't know what to rap about ponies
Because they are really great
I like them and they are great
They are really, really great
And then I saw a pony, hooray
I threw my hands out and shouted hooray
And then I saw it run around
And I said "that's kinda cool"
And then I... had to... eat a thumb
And then I had to eat a plum
But then I left and that was cool
Now here's Dr. Steve Brule

Uh, SAYRS was lying, this isn't Steve Brule
But it's SNARRS, who's gonna rap about ponies!
Hey, hey here's some ponies for you
Why don't you try go and eat a shoe?
Ponies, you know, they don't wear shoes
They like to have... lots of party FLOOZ
And ponies are great, you know they are
They come in all shapes & sizes galore!
Ponies, they are really nice
And I think that ponies are super spice
And ponies, they love to share
So have some underwear!
Track Name: Rappin'
Rappin', rappin', rappin' cool
Rappin', rappin', rappin' fool
Rappin', rappin', rappin' mule
Rappin', rappin', rappin' tool
Rappin', rappin', rappin'...
Track Name: Forks
Well, I'm moving on to forks because they're great
You can eat with them at... a date
You know the forks are... super-rad
Hey Dad, have a fork!
Eat with your fork, right this second!
Forks are great, you know they are
Gotta use 'em to eat your food
And, you know, forks, forks
Man, what rhymes with fork, dork?
Hey, hey dork, hey, you're a fork
Also, I think that you're not a cork
Hey, here's RESESTER with
The fork rap of the century!

When you're eating on your table
And you don't think you are able to pick up the food
Cool it dude! Just think of the fork
Pick up the fork, it's not a spork
Use it to eat all of your food
Use it to eat... don't be crude!
Use it to... eat your food
And then you will have a good time
Don't be rude
And don't be... playin' with your food
But -- you can play with your forks!
(No, don't... well...)
Track Name: Rhymes
Well, its SNARESON again and I think it's time
To wrap this rap up... about... on a dime
And you know, hey! Ho-dee-do
I think... I liked... this experience... a lot
Hey! I didn't rhyme
So better end this rhyme with a rhyme
I'm gonna rhyme with the word "rhyme"
So here we go, I'm gonna rhyme!

(Listen to my rap and then...)
Track Name: Guitars
Guitars, guitars, I love guitars
Look at them and see some cars
See the lamps and see the lights
And see the moon and see some frights
Eat a spoon and then a raccoon and then a baboon
And then you'll see the world again
And then you'll see the world a hen
And then you'll see a massive man
Who's got a lot of... hands
Track Name: Rap
Rap, rap, snappity-clap
Shoopa-doop-bop and a-snippity-snap
Hey, I don't know what to rap about
But here comes my rappity-stapabout
Hey, yo, rappity-clap
Dap shap dap batta lappity blap

Track Name: Grand Finale
Silver space boop and a boop ein spoop
Bottle of stop and a rix and a poop
Pots on a Bach and a rats on a bat
Eat on the cat and black on a mat...

Black onion macaroni man was seething
On the lampshade couch there