by Horselover Fat

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released October 10, 2011



all rights reserved


The Most Ever Company Tulsa, Oklahoma

We're ok.

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Track Name: Soulja Boy MLP
MLP pony swag
MLP Trixie stick
MLP girls cosplayin
Imma sticker her with my (yay)
I'm feelin like Fluttershy
Lookin like Pinkie Pie
Even tho I am a guy
I'm a shogun samurai
MLP everday
MLP here to stay
Lovin all my MLP
It's magic ponies anyway
I'm flyin like Rainbow Dash
Roll up in my cadillac
Lookin like Rarity
I'm feelin like I'm Applejack

Shout out to my bronies ya'll (brohoof, brohoof)

Bitch I look like Twilight
Gettin in them bar fight
Gonna have to book a flight
I'm rollin on a Friday night
MLP bitin' style
MLP I stole this riff
MLP rappers
But I really couldn't give a (bark)
Bitch I'm rollin Scootaloo
Smokin all them Mary too
Got my ice like Rarity
All them haters starin me
Bitch I look like Luna
Bitch I look like Nightmare Moon
Bitch I look like Chrysalis
When I'm smokin cannabis
All them haters watch me roll
Watch me cloppin out the door
Bitch I am the bestia I'm lookin like Celestia

MLP every day
MLP here to stay
MLP Mom is yellin but I'm watchin MLP
MLP Soulja Boy
MLP pony toy
MLP My Little Pony Friendship
Rappin all night boy
Rappin up winter and man I'm watchin MLP
MLP dubstep
I'm chillin in my Bathin Apes