Kurt Cobain

by The Beatles†

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† Please ensure that you pronounce the dagger symbol (†) of our name by holding your arms over your head & snapping your fingers to avoid confusing our band name with any others.


released December 10, 2016



all rights reserved


The Most Ever Company Tulsa, Oklahoma

We're ok.

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Track Name: Themesong
Hey hey we're The Beatles†
We're gonna **** your EARS
With our songbook of love

We come from up above
Where we have free health-care
And on every beach, one must be bare

Hold on tight, or you're in for a scare
I can't feel my legs or my skin
I've got a creeping growth overtaking my brain

Man, I think I'm goin' insane
Really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree
I'm a country boy at heart, God bless that blowin' blue

I am wearing a shoe
Out only one; I do so exclusively
I'm a one-woman guy in the big bad city

Got a kitty by my side & man I'm sittin' pretty
Meow meow meow I'm actually the cat!
So bring over here & show me your hand

Yes we are a rock & roll band
My mom makes us sandwiches when we jam
So dance everybody, we're The Beatle† band!
Track Name: Weed
My dad doesn't understand
He doesn't like weed or my rock & roll band
He says I'm too high when I go to the store
What are these rules even for!?


Dads don't like weed
Track Name: Fry On You Crazy Oyster (Parts I-IX)
Pavlov's dog is in the sky
She is flying oh so high
She is sighing oh so fly
Like an oyster I can fry
Fry on you crazy oyster!

When I ever close my eyes
I am wearing bolo ties
Pearls then I want to cry
Like an oyster as it dies
Die on you crazy oyster!

Heavy heavy heavy oh no
Track Name: Looks Like Ghost Spirit
I'm a ghost
You are too
Though I'm dead
Don't feel blue

Well you see
I tried my FUCKING BEST man
I gave it all that I could
But I guess that things just don't always work out
All the time


Had my chance
That I blew
Amazing dance
Thought I knew

Roll up your guns
Bring your friends
This Entertainment
Never ends
Purchase your sorrow
Eat pizza pie
Rock & roll brands will never die!

Track Name: I'll Make It (with Some Assistance)
I'm having lots of strange financial problems
I tried to buy some groceries at the store
I asked the man if he would take a rain check
He said "sorry, mate" and he kicked me out the door

But I'll make it with some assistance
Living, it's such a chore
I'll make it with some assistance
Unless I just collapse here on the floor

They say that your body is a temple
In that case mine's been sacked by the hoard
My tissue cells are all just wracked with cancer
And I've got a lot of contagious mouth sores

But I'll make it with some assistance
Living is a bore
I'll make it with some assistance
Unless I just collapse here on the floor

I'm having lots of existential problems
My life is shit & boy it's really bad
I feel like I'm the clown & life's a circus
So I'll take this, uh, fistfull of acid & maybe it'll, uh, not be so bad


Fuck! Well that didn't give me no assistance
I'm feeling rather poor
I never got no assistance
So I guess I'll just collapse here on the...
Track Name: Gorgeous (Stomping) Iron Boot of (Glorious) Wonderful Leader WAYNE MICHAEL COYNE (Exalted) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC) Crushing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC)
We're on a fierce black hound
Rockin' like we own this town
Listen to our funky sound
We're the baddest boys around!