Kurt Cobain

by The Beatles†

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The Most Ever Company TMEC 0777

We printed up thousands of copies of this vinyl LP but they were all confiscated & burned by The Establishment. Supposedly our band name "THE BEATLES" had already been used by someone else so we had to add the "†" which means you have to snap your fingers over your head when you say the bandname.


released December 10, 2016

John Crawfish (Nasty Jonah) -- guitars, harmonicas, voices
Paul McCrawfish (Brother Judas) -- piano, synthesizer, kazoo, voices
George Crawfish (Cousin Silas) -- bass guitar, voices
Ringo Starfish (Uncle Rufus) -- drums, percussion, voices (on track 5)


all rights reserved


Track Name: Themesong
Hey hey we're The Beatles†
We're gonna **** your EARS
With our songbook of love

We come from up above
Where we have free health-care
And on every beach, one must be bare

Hold on tight, or you're in for a scare
I can't feel my legs or my skin
I've got a creeping growth overtaking my brain

Man, I think I'm goin' insane
Really like your peaches, wanna shake your tree
I'm a country boy at heart, God bless that blowin' blue

I am wearing a shoe
Out only one; I do so exclusively
I'm a one-woman guy in the big bad city

Got a kitty by my side & man I'm sittin' pretty
Meow meow meow I'm actually the cat!
So bring over here & show me your hand

Yes we are a rock & roll band
My mom makes us sandwiches when we jam
So dance everybody, we're The Beatle† band!
Track Name: Weed
My dad doesn't understand
He doesn't like weed or my rock & roll band
He says I'm too high when I go to the store
What are these rules even for!?


Dads don't like weed
Track Name: Fry On You Crazy Oyster (Parts I-IX)
Pavlov's dog is in the sky
She is flying oh so high
She is sighing oh so fly
Like an oyster I can fry
Fry on you crazy oyster!

When I ever close my eyes
I am wearing bolo ties
Pearls then I want to cry
Like an oyster as it dies
Die on you crazy oyster!

Heavy heavy heavy oh no
Track Name: Looks Like Ghost Spirit
I'm a ghost
You are too
Though I'm dead
Don't feel blue

Well you see
I tried my FUCKING BEST man
I gave it all that I could
But I guess that things just don't always work out
All the time


Had my chance
That I blew
Amazing dance
Thought I knew

Roll up your guns
Bring your friends
This Entertainment
Never ends
Purchase your sorrow
Eat pizza pie
Rock & roll brands will never die!

Track Name: I'll Make It (with Some Assistance)
I'm having lots of strange financial problems
I tried to buy some groceries at the store
I asked the man if he would take a rain check
He said "sorry, mate" and he kicked me out the door

But I'll make it with some assistance
Living, it's such a chore
I'll make it with some assistance
Unless I just collapse here on the floor

They say that your body is a temple
In that case mine's been sacked by the hoard
My tissue cells are all just wracked with cancer
And I've got a lot of contagious mouth sores

But I'll make it with some assistance
Living is a bore
I'll make it with some assistance
Unless I just collapse here on the floor

I'm having lots of existential problems
My life is shit & boy it's really bad
I feel like I'm the clown & life's a circus
So I'll take this, uh, fistfull of acid & maybe it'll, uh, not be so bad


Fuck! Well that didn't give me no assistance
I'm feeling rather poor
I never got no assistance
So I guess I'll just collapse here on the...
Track Name: Gorgeous (Stomping) Iron Boot of (Glorious) Wonderful Leader WAYNE MICHAEL COYNE (Exalted) of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC) Crushing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (OKC)
We're on a fierce black hound
Rockin' like we own this town
Listen to our funky sound
We're the baddest boys around!

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